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Posted 08-25-2016 at 03:42 AM by Pidge

well nothing to new for today just been trying to catch up on the anime i am watching this season i feel like for some reason i keep getting behind even though i really enjoy all the anime it just seem like other thing get in the way of me watch them. i can't wait i have just one more month until my local convention i can't wait. about the only sort of disappointing this is we are not having any real new voice actors in fact so far they only have one which she is really nice but she has been there twice. but there are some neat local cospalyers that are going to be there so that is sort of neat. i just wish they would focus a little more on the industry guest than so many local guest. i mean it ok to have a few but they seem to but more focus on that then anything else. i would rather have 2 or 3 industry guess than 6 or 7 local guest. it just sometimes i feel like the people running it care more about the other con the run than this one. i have fun every year it just if they are only going to keep doing this i don't know if i will go back next year. well sorry for so much gripping but i feel like here if i talk about my opinions people don't tell me i am wrong or tell me just get over it. well hope everyone has a great rest of this week.
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