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Yahoo Convo with Adam [101909]

Posted 10-18-2009 at 09:44 PM by piathebully :3

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sky anime: hello baby ^_^
Adam Hart: i love you
Adam Hart: hello?
Adam Hart: pearl?
Adam Hart: ok don't talk
sky anime: hello
sky anime: i love you too
Adam Hart: what you doin
sky anime: i dozed off.. and u?
Adam Hart: sittin at my friend mikes house
sky anime: ohh.. u brought ur laptop?
Adam Hart: yea fucker has internet lol
sky anime: thats good
Adam Hart: yup... i love you
sky anime: i love you too baby ^^
Adam Hart: so what you doin today
sky anime: etto.. nothing much.. have to bring my clothes to the laundry shop.. its already like a mountain O.O
Adam Hart: lol goober head you sound like me
sky anime: haha.. i am lazy too you know ^_~ and thats why we're a couple
Adam Hart: yup and cuz we love each other
sky anime: hai hai ^_^ and i love you more
Adam Hart: i love you most
sky anime: i love you mosty most ^^
Adam Hart: i love you mosterereerestestesteresterest
sky anime: haha.. u wont let me beat you, am i right? ^^
Adam Hart: yup nope
sky anime:
Adam Hart: loli love you
sky anime: i love you too ^^ is it me or it has a double meaning?
Adam Hart: huh?
sky anime: nothing
Adam Hart: i love you goober head
sky anime: i love you too ^^
Adam Hart: yay
sky anime: haha,, say hi for me to mike ^^
Adam Hart: whats up
Adam Hart: is what he said
sky anime: nothing much.. just talking to my bossy fiance ^^
Adam Hart: nuh uh you talkin to your lovin fiance
sky anime: okay okay.. my bossy and LOVING fiance.. and dont forget handsome
Adam Hart: hahaha damn true
sky anime: haha.. i love you ^^
Adam Hart: i love you to
sky anime: did you eat lunch already?
Adam Hart: no
sky anime: why?
Adam Hart: no food
sky anime: >.< thats nt good.. ull lose weight..
Adam Hart: i know

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sky anime: maybe mike has food ^^
Adam Hart: nope
sky anime: you shouldnt starve urself u know.. u may have ulcer..
Adam Hart: i dont starve myself there is just no food
sky anime: okay baby.. now im wishing im there
Adam Hart: me to
sky anime: i love you..
Adam Hart: i love you to
sky anime: yey
Adam Hart: yup
sky anime: i think ill go home this week.. im just waiting for my friend's bday..
Adam Hart: oh
sky anime: yeah.. and have to go back again for my make-up duty >.>
Adam Hart: hahaha
sky anime:
Adam Hart: i love you goober
sky anime: i love you too ^^
Adam Hart: yaya
sky anime:
Adam Hart: ima go baby... i love you
sky anime: okay baby.. i love you too..
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