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Posted 05-21-2013 at 11:30 PM by LoopyPanda


So yeh I've been feeling kinda 'eh' today because at school everyone's depressed and losing hope on the missing being found alive.
During orchestra we all kinda binged out of stress and just being sad in general. I haven't drank lemonade in 3 years, and I drank half a gallon just because.

I just kept hearing more and more bad news and when everyone around me is miserable and I can't do anything to console them, I feel utterly useless as a human being. unu
I digress.

I also stress ate a burger on top of random food including coffee from having so much to DO.
I have to finish 3 finals early. But I haven't gotten a chance to speak with my Spanish teacher because she hasn't been here at all so far this week.

I made up my To Kill a Mockingbird test (yes I know how much it sucks plz zip your lip no offense I could give less of a fuzzy bunny's behind about how butthurt you got over it being so lame, I'm just [u]not in the mood.[/u]) and it was extremely easy.

I finished part of my final for English II but I'll need to come in early tomorrow to finish.

The rest of my finals I am not particularly worried about them.

But yeah I've just been stressed out about the trip and really nervous about leaving my house after all this disaster. Like, I just want to take all we own and teleport it over to a safe storage place.
I told Swirly Glasses about my worrying, and she told me I was lucky about going to PR for 2 weeks while she only gets to go to Texas and told me to stop getting butthurt over it.
Well excuse me, princess.
I guess I can't be naturally concerned over my LIVING QUARTERS THAT PROTECTS ME FROM MOST OF THE ELEMENTS OF THE WILD. I sometimes wonder what goes through that head of hers. Apparently a friend of hers may or may not be pregnant. You're in high school, you're not supposed to be doing this stuff!
I'm hating growing up why on earth could you possibly want to run into parenthood even earlier than you should?
High school = Financially unprepared for anything that isn't instant noodles every day.
Sorry if anyone's sort of offended by that, but I just think it's common sense to not have children until you actually are financially/mature/old enough to handle it. It'll hurt you a lot in the long run tbh. I dunno I just think having a kid before you even can drive or be of smoking age is an incredibly stupid thing to do. But in Oklahoma it's 'LOL underage pregnancy totally isn't an issue for us and it's super cool YOLO SWAG'
just ugh my negative emotions are burning me alive.
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    Vegeta's Avatar
    I hope you are doing ok there loopy
    Posted 05-22-2013 at 03:34 AM by Vegeta Vegeta is offline
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    Saber's Avatar
    I cant imagine how awful it is. Try to just stay as calm as you can. And I think everyone will be feeling the stress and you wont be expected to have all your work sorted aswell. Go a bit easier on yourself.
    Posted 05-22-2013 at 08:25 AM by Saber Saber is offline

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