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Not going as planned

Posted 09-29-2018 at 11:00 PM by Saber

Fatigue!!! This is what has hit me hard and too much to do.
I am gonna sleep and write a note in order to prioritise what is most important for tomorrow. Then I will rest better.
My cat is already fast asleep. I fed her and gave her 2 biscuits.
I have eaten and am ready to sleep too.
I have just realised a few things today and hope I can make a miracle happen in a number of ways.
I put on one pound at slimming world, I tried to rationalise it out that it could be just 2 glasses of water that made that happen. And today my weight was all over the place. So much I decided the scales were broken. But in truth they are not and that's why slimming world tell you not to keep weighing all day and night lol.
And my scales even weigh heavier than slimming worlds scales.
I will drink loads of water and clear out the toxins and negative energy and hopefully weigh less next week. Personal matters are making it hard to concentrate and I really need to get my act together. I feel relaxed now I came and posted on the site. It makes me happy and I stop worrying about the future.
Thank Ascended for looking after the site and paying for the servers all this time. I am soo grateful and happy he gave the site to all of us to enjoy it.
I love all of you who come on the site and you are all like my family. Thank you for being you.
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