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Diary of a mad Dragon Duck!

One very unhappy dragon!

Posted 09-28-2015 at 02:49 AM by Dragonlady (The Dragon's Lair)

Tonight is a rare event and I'm going to miss out on it because of the weather! It's not only going to be a supermoon (or as we call it, the harvest moon) but also a blood moon (or as they call it a lunar eclipse). When you consider both of these events happening at the same time, it's very rare to see. And there won't be another blood moon until the year 2033. So I might not see it again. I do plan to live to see Haley's comet again though, so I might stand a chance on making it until then....
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Test results in... bad outcome.

Posted 09-15-2015 at 11:21 PM by Dragonlady (The Dragon's Lair)

On September 1st, I had another biopsy taken on my thyroid glands again. This time the results wasn't good. Just went today and found out that one of the lesions on the left side has cancer cells in it. The right side was fine. But he wants to take it all out on Oct. 15th. Doesn't give me much time to think about it. In fact I had to make up my mind about surgery in a matter of minutes. He said we really don't have time to wait and they need to come out within a month. On the positive side,...
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The muscle rub conspiracy!

Posted 09-12-2015 at 11:12 PM by Dragonlady (The Dragon's Lair)

Yes, that's right. Muscle rub conspiracy. I use one type/brand of muscle rub because it works for me. And it's only $1 per tube. I get the Dollar General name brand muscle rub all of the time. Have been using it since Dollar General first opened it's doors in Palatka. So it's been at least 20+ years. Anywho... I ran out at home, so I go to the DG that's at the end of my road. They were out, but one of the clerks told me the truck had just came in and it should be up by Thursday. So I waited...
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Bad bad day

Posted 09-02-2015 at 11:16 PM by Dragonlady (The Dragon's Lair)

Talk about being peeved today, I was totally peeved. I had to call therapy and cancel my appointment at 11 because we hadn't even been called back to a room at the doctor's office... and the appointment was at 9:45! The doctor didn't see us until 11:50. I was so mad! And I let her know it too. Over two hours after the appointment time. That was just so wrong in so many levels. And they even called someone back before us that came in way after we had been there. And if they had an...
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No rest for the weary.

Posted 09-02-2015 at 10:04 AM by Dragonlady (The Dragon's Lair)

I figured I'd get some much needed rest while I was up in Georgia. Didn't happen. I was on the go the entire time I was there. So when I got home and looked at my planner, needless to say, it had a full week ahead for me. Therapy and drop off porta-crib to Erika Monday, biopsy in St. Augustine Tuesday, Dr. appt and therapy today, Pain Clinic in Orange Park for shots and meds Thursday and Therapy Friday. I'm so darn tired. I hope no one asks me to go anywhere Saturday or Sunday. I was so tired...
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