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You won't believe where I'm at right now!

Posted 09-20-2014 at 10:35 PM by Dragonlady

I'm back in the hospital again. Don't know how long I'll be in here. Same thing as before. Another infection in the wound site. Got me on two or three different antibiotics via IV. At least I caught the infection early this time. It's basically on the left side and not both. But I'm in a lot of pain since the surgery Tuesday. More so now with the infection. I'm gonna ask both of my doctors just what is causing these infections. I know it's going to take me longer to heal than a healthy person since I am a diabetic and a smoker. But there has to be some reason that my wounds are getting infected. And therefore some type of precaution to stop any infection before contracting it.

I was hurting so badly last night, I really didn't get any sleep at all. I might have closed my eyes for five minutes here and there. Couldn't even get into a comfortable position. I'm hoping tonight will be different. My eyes are so heavy right now, they don't want to stay open and they are going in and out of focus. Plus they are bloodshot from all of the crying I've done today from the pain. My pain meds aren't even touching it. It feels like someone has a skewer shoving it into the center of the wound. Not a nice feeling.

Well, gonna take me a walk again around the floor. Might go sit outside for a moment. It was nice earlier when I went outside. And it helped my back somewhat.
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    Wow, that's a lot of bull. You definitely need to contact our primary doctor ASAP to found out why you keep getting these infections. I know you're in alot of pain right now and sick of it (who wouldn't?), but we are all giving or thoughts to keep you strong and steady. :indeed: I wished that you find the bottom of this problem so it won't get worst or have an repeated process.
    Posted 09-20-2014 at 10:41 PM by ShineCero ShineCero is offline
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    Those painkillers must be sugar pills if they aren't easing the pain!
    Posted 09-21-2014 at 03:27 AM by LoopyPanda LoopyPanda is offline
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    Saber's Avatar
    So sorry to hear you are in the hospital again.
    I am sending as much prayers and healing vibes as I can. I am really hoping they keep you in long enough to heal properly.
    Perhaps you can smoke less for the time you are going through this?( Only mean this in relation to speeding up the healing.)
    When you are out try some Echinacea which boost the immune system to help you fight the infection. Also heard garlic capsules can be a powerful antibiotic and antifungal medicine. I am going to try this now for a leg problem I have. It will not heal properly due to diabetes.
    Love you lots Dragonlady.
    Posted 09-21-2014 at 11:07 PM by Saber Saber is offline
    Updated 09-22-2014 at 06:49 PM by Saber (sounded a bit judgemental-did not mean to be:))

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