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My thoughts.. 10/26 12:15 AM

Posted 10-25-2011 at 04:42 AM by TheSidWilson0

As I write this, I have calmed down from my near uncontrollable sobbing. On 10/24, my good friend Redzuan, died in surgery. He recently got into a motorcycle accident and was in a coma. Redzuan was like a brother to me. I just wish I could have said goodbye to him. I just wish for him to be at peace in the afterlife (or whatever happens when you die) and that he'll remember us. I wish I still had the time before to get to know him better, but even not knowing him very well, I still was wracked with sobs only writing this could quell. He fought with all of his might but he still wasn't able to hold on. Maybe if I said that I hoped he pulled through, he'd still be alive today. The little things will kill you, and this little thing will haunt me forever.
I do care for Redzuan even in death because I can feel him. He loves us all but somehow knew this deity would take him from us.
The last picture I saw of him was him smiling in a hospital bed with his head bandaged up. He had a positive spirit, even when things were looking bleak. Sometimes, that's all it takes, but in his case, it wasn't. I just wish he was here to say it's okay and tell me he's at peace.
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