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[SIZE="4"][COLOR="Wheat"]In the world of Wine, the world famous wine critic claims that 13 wines stood out and they are equivalent to that of Christ's disciples - holy and pure delights. Now, his son has to discover this Godlike creations before his rival in order to preserve the last bit of fortune which represent his father best - a wine cellar full of vintage wine. But how can an amateur who never knew who Mont-Pérat is the beat the upcoming Prince of Wine?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/center]
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Volume 1 & 2 Summary

Posted 08-10-2010 at 02:10 PM by sirene
Updated 08-10-2010 at 02:14 PM by sirene

I am too lazy to summarise the 2 volumes worth of chapters now...maybe I will edit this post again. You can read them happily at mangafox.com

Basically, we have a young pretty sommelier wannabe (Shinohara Miyabi) who isn't skilled at wine handling but has extensive wine knowledge. Due to some difficult customer, Kanzaki Shizuku stepped in gallantly and decanted the wine perfectly to bring out the young wine's full flavour. So begin this couple's adventures...[i love this pairing! for once, the female protagonist isn't all stupid]

Kanzaki Yutaka sudden death brought Shizuku back to his dreaded house and discovered that his father left a will which implied that the fortune would not be simply inherited. His opponent was none other than the Prince of Wine Critics, Toomine Issei, whom the author hinted might be blood related. [arrgghh no rotten tomatoes! it's just my speculations!]

Shizuku was given a one-week crash course on winery by his newfound girl friend and her sensei. Of course, he lost to a more experienced wine drinker and lost his father's house. Now the real challenge begin - the search for the 13 God's wines begin. The prize? Kanzaki's famous wine cellar!

Shizuku accpeted his company offer to transfer to the wine department (something he kept refusing before his father's death) and Miyabi joins in for experience. They meet a weird fat man who kept raving about Italian wine and shout down anyone, particularly Shizuku, who supports French wine. A contest was held in the company and they were given a week to present the best wine of both countries for the rest of staffs to choose between Italian and French. [Stupid contest, really]

Meanwhile, the couple [and i will always refer to ShizukuXMiyabi from here on and forever!!] met a restaurant owner on the brink of bankruptcy due to Toomei's thumb-down comment on his selection of wine and food. Shizuku saw that the problem was that this restaurant owner don't understand the 'marriage between food and wine'. So begin the first wine battle of Round 2.[/COLOR]
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