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Well today was the icing on the cake. *sarcasm*

Posted 10-11-2012 at 06:17 AM by LoopyPanda

Today was ruined by none other than my mother. -_-
Earlier in the morning before I headed to violin lessons, my mom started asking me if I took out some things from my closet for something, and I told her I was going to do it when we got back, along with my laundry and stuff. Then she goes off about how I apparently can't take care of myself and then grounds me for 3 weeks, ONE week more than the initial grounding I got (I bombed an Algebra II quiz).
It GETS BETTER! :awesome:
After we get home, I go to do what I had initially was asked to do, and then my mom talks with my dad and then she comes over to check on my closet, and I was busy playing Hide & Seek with my little brother to to a thorough look-through of my wardrobe, and then she thinks I was being lazy when all I was trying to flippin' do was do what she friggin' asked. :-_-: And then what I get is more yelling of my mom, then she says she doesn't care about whatever the heck I do and I'm SUDDENLY UNGROUNDED, then she slams my door shut.
So I get punished for doing what YOU ASKED?
And then you refuse to believe I was doing WHAT YOU ASKED?
Then you say you don't care about anything I do BECAUSE YOU ASKED ME TO DO WHAT I WAS DOING FOR YOU?
I'm getting really tired of this repetitive crap.
And I'm getting tired of being accused of lying.
What am I going to tell my dad when he gets back home? 'I was just doing what she asked?' He'll think I'm a liar too, and then I'll have two angry parents that refuse to listen to reason.
My mom even assumed I was going to do nothing, which I was actually going to use this break to get my schoolwork done and study for Algebra in advance, because I REALLY need an A in that class.
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    Rufio's Avatar
    It sounds like you have a really rough time at home. I think study hard and ace that test and show them you can look after yourself! If they won't listen to you, give them proof
    Posted 10-11-2012 at 02:04 PM by Rufio Rufio is offline
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    This is becoming a recurring trend. Does anyone get along with both of their parents?

    Also, maybe we should put off the CRP until you get that A in Algebra.
    Posted 10-11-2012 at 07:57 PM by Drago Drago is offline

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