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Tien's Training Log

Posted 08-10-2015 at 03:42 PM by Tien
Updated 03-08-2017 at 09:27 AM by Tien

I haven't got much left to do until I've caught up to the present in this blog. Although I've got a whole year I still need to fill everyone in on there are only a few things that are significant and worth writing about, so it shouldn't take a lot of posts.

Date of routine: Early spring 2014 - September 2014

Around this time, I decided to work on my running. Most of the running I had done before then was shorter distance with more of a focus on speed (I would usually run just one mile but go all out), so I decided to do longer distance running to work on my aerobic endurance.

I wasn't used to running much longer than a mile, so I didn't go fast at first but I built up gradually.

In order to cover more distance than I was otherwise able to and push myself further, I decided to split up the run by resting as soon as I couldn't go any further before continuing.

At first I rested after two miles then ran an extra mile. After several weeks I built up to five miles, resting at the two mile and four mile points. Since I wasn't used to running longer distances it took me just over hour at first, and after a few more months I managed to get my running time only a minute over an hour.

Around this point I moved house so I had to make a new running route. The ground was less even where I ran which made it harder, and there was one point that was really steep where I had to keep stopping or slowing down at first, but after a while my condition improved where I didn't need to anymore.

At this point I decided to reduce my time resting during the run to make it harder. I managed to eliminate the breaks entirely so I ran the 5 miles without stopping. I also occasionally added more distance to push myself more, running up to 7 miles. I managed to get my 5 mile time below 50 minutes by then.

This is around the time I did this routine for my muscular endurance: https://animeforum.org.uk/blog.php?b=7013
Around spring 2014 I would often do the running routine one day and the muscular endurance routine after I recovered, usually after one rest day. The muscular endurance routine took a few hours, and the running was exhausting when I was still getting used to it, so I needed that time to recover. I also wasn't able to do much else to exercise on days I did either routine. By summer, however, I was able to do other workouts during the same day as the running since my fitness had improved.
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    5 miles under 50 minutes is military time and almost Olympic level. Do you always run the same route or do you find different places in your area to do your laps at?
    Posted 08-11-2015 at 04:34 AM by Drago Drago is offline

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