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Tien's Training Log

Posted 07-20-2014 at 03:24 PM by Tien

Last summer, as usual, I made use of the time for training. I'll post my routine here.

I had separate "strength" and "endurance" days so I could focus mostly on one or the other at a time. Doing a lot of endurance and stamina training makes it a lot harder to use my maximum strength, so I find it's much more effective not to focus on both on the same day.

Below is my routine. I've written it how it was on paper when I originally wrote it last summer, with any notes discussing the routine that weren't originally written on paper in italics.

Endurance day
First thing: Practice Katas. I did this to warm up and loosen my muscles and joints in order to prepare myself for exercise. I only did this lightly.

5:00 - Sit ups I did this continually for high repetitions to work on my endurance. I recorded how many I could do in how little time.
5:20 - Bodyweight exercises (routine one):
-Push ups
-One legged squats
-Arms forward hold
-One legged squats
The arms forward hold is where I get into the press up position and put my arms as far forward as I can, then hold it isometrically. This is good at working the abdominals, lats and triceps. "Bridges" is where I use two chairs and rest my feet on one end and my shoulders on the other, and use my back strength to hold myself in that position.
6:00 - Martial arts. I did mostly shadow sparing. I also did stretching throughout this. I did this until 7:00.
7:00 - Breakfast.

8:30 - Horse stance
8:45 - Martial arts Mostly shadow sparing again.
9:15 - Punching bag
9:30 - Weight swinging I have discussed this in a previous blog post.
10:00 - Plyometrics:
- Clapping push ups
- Jumping squats
- Medicine ball throw
- Side jumps
10:10 - Ten minute rest
10:20 - Bodyweight exercises (routine 2):
- One armed push up
- Hanging sit ups
- One legged squat
- Pull ups
- Jumping squats
- Clapping push ups
- One legged jumping squat
10:30 - Martial arts
11:00 - Rest

11:20 - Sprinting
11:30 - 10 minute jog

12:00 - Lunch

1:20 - Isometric holds I did things like wall sits, holding the push up position, bar hanging, holding the top of the pull up position, horse stance, holding weights, and planks.

1:35 - Punching bag
1:45 - Martial arts
2:15 - Body weight exercises (routine 3):
- Close grip push ups
- Back raises
- One legged squats
- Pull ups
- Hanging sit ups
- Step ups
- Bench dips
- Sit ups with twists
- One legged squat with slight jump
3:15 - Hand crawling and lunge walking "Hand crawling" is where I get into the push up position, and pull myself along with just my hands. It's good for building upper body strength and developing core stability.
3:45 - Circuit training:
- Rope jumping
- Clapping press ups
- One legged squats
- Shuttle runs
- Step ups
- One armed press ups
- Press ups
- Squat thrusts
- One legged squats
3:55 - Break
4:15 - High rep squats. I did a set number of squats in as little time as possible to work on the muscular endurance of my lower body.
5:00 - Dinner
Light weight lifting for 10 minutes.

Strength day
Practicing katas Done lightly to loosen up
5:00 - Martial arts (Stretching done throughout)
6:30 - Weight lifting I didn't do anything other than martial arts before weight lifting so my muscles wouldn't be sore.
7:00 - Breakfast

8:30 - Martial arts
9:15 - Horse stance
9:30 - Punching bag
9:45 - Circuit training:
- Pull ups
- One legged squats
- Push ups
Repeat, with no rest between exercises.
9:50 - Rest

10:00 - 200 push ups in as little time as possible, done in as many sets as are needed.
10:20 - Weight swinging
11:00 - Rest

11:20 - 1 mile run Done in as short a time as possible

12:00 - Lunch

1:20 - Isometric holds
1:30 - Martial arts
2:00 - Speed and footwork
2:20 - Circuit training:
- One armed push ups
- Rope jumping
- One legged squats
- Burpees
- Hip push ups
- Jumping squats
2:30 - 10 minute break
2:40 - Rock and log lifting
3:00 - Bodyweight exercises (routine 3)
3:30 - Neck training Here I did neck bridges on both sides, with and without weight.
3:40 - Punching with cable machine Here I made a makeshift cable machine using a pull up bar, some rope and a dumbbell.
3:55 - Dips and one legged squats (I alternated parallel bar dips and one legged squats)
4:05 - Punching bag
4:15 - 10 minute break
4:25 - One armed pull up training Here I did exercises to build towards one armed pull ups:
- Assisted one armed pull ups
- One armed hang
- Finger assisted one armed neutral grip pull ups
- One armed pull up negatives
- Assisted one armed pull ups
4:40 - Horse stance
4:50 - Grip and fingers Here I did various exercises to work on my grip. As well as using a gripper, I tied rope to a dumbbell and lifted it from the rope. I worked the dumbbell up using various methods. I used my finger tips, just one or two fingers and pinched it between my thumb and forefinger. Another exercise I did was two fingered pull ups.
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  1. New Comment
    Saber's Avatar
    You are a dedicated athlete. Absolutely awesome work. This is so planned out in meticulous detail too. You clearly have a lot of self discipline.
    It was very interesting to read and see how you paced the different things throughout the day.
    I love Dragonball Z and this is like supersaiyan level.
    Posted 07-20-2014 at 09:04 PM by Saber Saber is offline
  2. New Comment
    ~Ai~'s Avatar
    all i can say is wow, you are one tough cookie i wish i had the endurance for half of these things
    Posted 07-21-2014 at 04:50 AM by ~Ai~ ~Ai~ is offline
  3. New Comment
    +Masamune+'s Avatar
    dang thats an amazing workout
    ive been losing a lot of weight but i dont take a day out to exercise, but i should try some of your routine.
    normally i will do 200 situps (4 sets) 100 pushups (2 sets) and 100 squats (2 sets) daily.
    when im at work i have to sweep 5 stairwells; all of them having 8 flights of stairs so i jog to the top of each one of them before i started sweeping and considered that my cardio for the day
    every now and then i will lift a 40lb. box over my head 100 times throughout the day at work when i have to get something out of a closet.
    thats about all the work i do other than swimming and riding my bike around town but its nothing compared to the stuff your doing
    Posted 07-21-2014 at 08:16 AM by +Masamune+ +Masamune+ is offline
  4. New Comment
    Saber's Avatar
    Can you explain your rock and log lifting. That sounds different to a usual type of training.
    Posted 07-22-2014 at 01:44 AM by Saber Saber is offline
  5. New Comment
    Tien's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Saber View Comment
    Can you explain your rock and log lifting. That sounds different to a usual type of training.
    The rock and log lifting involves doing weight lifting exercises with logs and rocks. I went into my back garden and did rows with a rock and overhead presses and bicep curls with a log.
    Posted 07-29-2014 at 10:29 AM by Tien Tien is offline
  6. New Comment
    About how long do you spend on each exercise? You stated that you try to do as many in as little time as possible, but is that based around certain amount of time or a certain amount of reps? What do you use to determine whether you move on yet?

    I've always found your training logs interesting, but I'm not quite at your level yet.
    Posted 08-23-2014 at 04:39 AM by Drago Drago is offline
  7. New Comment
    Krillin's Avatar
    i am deeply impressed indeed i like this a lot
    Posted 09-12-2014 at 06:40 AM by Krillin Krillin is offline
  8. New Comment
    Quite interesting..
    Posted 11-02-2014 at 05:48 PM by Okami Amaterasu Okami Amaterasu is offline

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