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The snow has melted

Posted 03-03-2018 at 11:21 PM by Saber
Updated 03-03-2018 at 11:23 PM by Saber

Here in South East London the snow has melted. We now have rain.
The pretty powder snow is turning to icy snow and slush. I have not gone out for a week.
My cat went out to look at the outdoors for 5 minutes only. Then dashed inside and sat on the doorstep for 5 more minutes.
It was too cold so she came in and I could finally close the door.
I feel sad for all the people living where the red alert areas were. They got hit the worst.
Farmers are having to dig out pregnant sheep after the blizzard wind caused really high snowdrifts where they sheltered against the wall of the field. Four were rescued in the news bulletin and they were safe and given a rest indoors under the red infra red lamps.
UK is not coping well with this weather and people are inexperienced at driving in the snow. No one wants to go to work and many do not go. Schools are closed.
On Good Morning tv they interviewed someone living in Siberia and she said they only close the schools when it reaches around minus 48. And it was near minus 28. It makes our country look very weak. I reckon if it was for 6 months a year people would have to start coping or they would starve cos they had no money from staying off work. Bosses are very sympathetic for 1 week but less as time goes on.
I am so glad I live here because we often get milder weather. The snow was not very deep at all.
I only remember one winter where it was very cold and worse than minus 5. I was living by the sea in Brighton at that time. It is colder on the coast. At that time it was exciting but now I just want it gone. Looking forward to spring. From the City Warrior, Saber.
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