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Me against rage -.-

Posted 12-30-2009 at 11:58 AM by Amaya

My mum told me that my dad was this nervous because of his work: he has to drive and he HATES to drive all day,so she said he'll stop being like that when he gets transferred on a new working place. And he did get a new job,now he's working in an office... However,nothing changed in his behavior, he still yells a lot and gets angry because of such small things -.-
He doesn't hit me or anything,but he often yells at me because I for example leave my glasses on a table in the kitchen or when my sister comes home with her clothes dirty...As I said before,he hates to drive,so when he gets stuck in traffic he swears and yells and whatnot...He gets so easily mad and me and my sister can't stand it anymore...But my mum can't say much because he's the type who doesn't take any advice and it bugs him when someone doesn't do things his way or makes a mistake because he/she didn't listen to him...Right now he's yelling again,I don't even know why...I want him to go see a therapist,but I can't tell him that,plus he's got high blood pressure bacause of that...I can only ask my grandma to tell him because she's the only one who can deal with his bursts of rage...
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    Maybe your father should go for anger management classes instead of therapy, or is it the same? If he constantly rages it will affect his health a lot seeing he has high blood pressure. Suggest it to your grandmother, because she can deal with him.
    Posted 12-30-2009 at 12:11 PM by KozaKuraHaiNe KozaKuraHaiNe is offline
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    Diana's Avatar
    hmm...i kind of been in your situation but i always tried to talk with my dad and explain to him that he creates a nonpleasant environment when shouting and cursing...

    of course not every time i got through to him and got shoutet at and whatnot but i think, in my case that it's worth a try
    Posted 12-30-2009 at 12:55 PM by Diana Diana is offline
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    miss89's Avatar
    If he doesn't want to take advice it's quite hard to do something about his behaviour.
    But I somehow think your mother should tell him that you and your sister doesn't fell well around him, because he doesn't do anything but yelling at you.

    I understand that he hates to drive, but it's indeed not your fault and he shouldn't take it out on you like that. At least not in my opinion.
    Posted 12-30-2009 at 01:21 PM by miss89 miss89 is offline

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