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I will try to keep in touch ^_~
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One-shot wait-list!

Posted 04-09-2010 at 08:58 AM by miss89

Hiya people!!

I thought I wanted to let you all know why it is, I might not be very active the next long time..or well - some of it more that is
I'm being pretty occupied lately, due to I started on a new school to the education as cook/waitress and also my part time job as waitress. Mah, I have also quite a lot of requests lately, and do not ask me where the they come from - cause I don't know either way..

This is the wait-list I have from Quizilla:

Tala oneshot - For jazzanderson14
Tyson oneshot- For akira1anime1

Death Note:
L oneshot- For LadyDMC (In progress)

Vampire Knight:
Rido oneshot- For AidoRockz (In progress)

Shikamaru Nara oneshot lemon- For xxrockprincessxx (In progress)

Itachi Uchiha oneshot lemon - For Komakipureblood (Plot found)

Saboku no Gaara oneshot- For sharonsnow (Plot found)

Konoha High School:
¤ Kiba Inuzuka ¤ For ShadowSkies(In progress)
¤ Kiba Inuzuka ¤ For wasup113
¤ Saboku no Gaara ¤ For kingdomsheartkey
¤ Sasuke Uchiha ¤ For luckydude4ever
¤ Shikamaru Nara ¤For kabutoluver1130
¤ Saboku no Kankuro¤ For Sana123
¤ Sasuke Uchiha ¤ For gothicroze
¤ Sasuke Uchiha ¤ For xsimplyxrandomxlovex
¤ Kiba Inuzuka ¤For Demon99angel
¤ Naruto Uzumaki ¤ For xoxBattleAngel
¤ Sasuke Uchiha ¤ For Hikaru26
¤ Kiba Inuzuka ¤ For Mitsuke18
¤ Kiba Inuzuka ¤ For ellamaxsamy


I have ideas for 80% of them, but they take time to make, mostly becuase I have a minimum limit at 1.500 words per one-shot! Baaah.. not many do understand that, but that's a part of my practice. I don't want to be stuck in one silly writing way all the time ^_^

Well, that was all for now folks..

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